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Herb & Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Herb & Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

With warmer weather on the horizon, we look to kitchen fare that is light and fresh while still being full of complex flavors. These tender, rolled chicken breasts, filled with fresh herbs and a trio of cheeses, and covered in a tangy, sun-dried tomato cream sauce, are both delicious and stunning. They’re simple to make but look impressive and taste fantastic! Read more

Easter=themed bread basket

Rosemary, Parmesan and Sea Salt Focaccia

We like to pair our wine with almost anything and blogger Alexis Murphy has a fun and tasty baking project. So pull out your mixing bowl, chill a bottle of our La Crema Pinot Gris and let’s get our bake on! Read more

Chorizo, Clams and Pinot Noir

Clams, Chorizo & Pinot Noir

On the face of it, succulent clams and bold, spicy chorizo seem an unlikely pair. But this brothy, Spanish tapas-style dish is a delicious combination, especially when paired with our bright, floral Willamette Pinot Noir. Read more

Ribollita with a fried egg

Ribollita: A rustic Tuscan vegetable stew recipe

This time of the year, we’re always on the lookout for slow-cooked meals to keep us warm while the weather is still cold. This Ribollita stew delivers the flavor and comfort we’re seeking along with a ton of healthy veggies. Read more

Easy chocolate truffles and La Crema Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Chocolate Truffles

Valentine’s Day is over, but that’s no reason not to indulge yourself. Our friend, Julie Blanner created a decadent and easy-to-make chocolate truffle recipe you just have to try. Best of all there are just four ingredients and six steps Read more

A couple toasting their Valentine's Day dinner

A romantic Valentine’s Date at home

Our plan this Valentine’s Day is to create a hands-on dinner for two that oozes with romance. And what better dish to share with the one you love than a warm, creamy, cheese fondue? Read more

Pork Solyanka.

Pork Solyanka

This classic Russian sweet and sour stew was a huge hit at the 2014 Winter Wineland event where it was paired with our earthy Fog Veil Pinot Noir. We served it over white rice, but it’s also great all by Read more

Photo © Chef Tyler Stone

Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

Gourmet meatloaf is one of our favorite comfort foods. And when you invite bacon and parmesan cheese to the party, the result is a rich, flavorful main dish that’s a great match for our complex and savory La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir. Read more


Honey Truffle Shortbread

Shortbreads always feel at home for Holidays. However, shortbread need not always be so sweet. Savory shortbread is a unique, unexpected flavor experience that compliments food well and dazzles others as a sophisticated light nibbles paired excellently with wine. Read more


Holiday baking

It the time of year where special holiday baking recipes make their annual appearance. Here are two holiday bites from our staff’s family recipe box: Read more