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Deviled eggs with bacon

Sriracha Deviled Eggs with Crumbled Bacon

If you have ever picked up a vintage cookbook there will undoubtedly be a recipe for deviled eggs. Deviled eggs have been around for years, even decades, and I don’t see them going anywhere. They are a classic appetizer that is perfect for entertaining or just plan snacking. Read more

Arugula and mushroom rustic pasta- this easy dinner is a meat free crowd pleaser!

Rustic Vegan Pasta with Arugula and Mushroom

This healthful pasta recipe is filled with colorful vegetables that bring big flavors. With all the peppery arugula, earthy mushrooms and fresh cherry tomatoes to delight your taste buds, you won’t miss the meat. Read more

Movie award night dessert recipes

Create an Award-Winning Dessert Bar

Creating a stunning Dessert Bar with various delectable + dazzling desserts is a bona fide winner for any award show viewing party! Join our friend and Hollywood Event Designer, Troy Williams to make sure you have all the most stylish desserts for your award show party this Sunday. Read more

Romantic Fondue for Two

Romantic Cheese Fondue for Two

Valentine’s Day approaches each year and after 20+ years of marriage, I no longer yearn for a dinner out on the town. Now don’t get me wrong, every woman loves to get away for a romantic dinner with her husband, but just how romantic is it really when the entire world seems to be out on the same night with us? Read more

Sinfully delicious Dungeness Crab Mac N Cheese

Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese

This is not your normal run of the mill boxed mac and cheese (although those are pretty delicious), this is pasta baked in a homemade Cheddar and Gruyere béchamel sauce with freshly picked Dungeness crab. Read more

Valentine's Day Cookies

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

Ever since I watched Steel Magnolias, I’ve had a love affair with red velvet. It’s light chocolate flavor with a bright hue is irresistible! It’s even better when paired with a sweet cream filling. These red velvet sandwich cookies are a beautiful and festive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They require just a few staple ingredients, minimal effort and are unbelievably good!

Read more

Korean Gochujang Wings #lacremastyle

Korean Gochujang Wings

The biggest football day of the year is coming up. And although I’m not much of a football fan myself, I live in Boston, where ambivalence about sports during playoff season is practically a crime (especially when my home town team has a chance to win it all). Read more