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Ever wonder about the path it takes to become a winemaker? La Crema Winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas shares her own journey.

Our Winemaker Shares Her Viticulture Journey

Ever wonder about the path it takes to become a winemaker? La Crema Winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas shares her own journey. From her first exposure to the winemaking process to her early career and eventual position at La Crema. Read more

Chardonnay-inspired summer-to-fall transitional fashion.

Making the Right Choices: Men’s Fashion Showcase

Choice. It’s the greatest luxury we have in our lives. With summer winding down and fall fast approaching, it’s time to start making great men’s fashion choices that match your unique style and the wine you drink. Are you ready to make some bold choices? Read more

Movie night popcorn pairings

Movie Night Pairings: Spiced Popcorn Three Ways

Popcorn may not be the first snack that comes to mind when drinking wine, but sometimes the most simple pairings are the best! Maybe it’s the fact that they share a buttery quality or the subtle sweetness of both the wine and corn, but it seems that Chardonnay is the perfect accompaniment to any popcorn and movie night. Read more


DIY Wine Charm Tassels

Why buy expensive wine charms when our friend Alexis Murphy shows you how to make them yourself? Pour a glass of wine and get your DIY on! Read more

Véraison (veh-ray-zohN) is a French viticulture term meaning “the onset of grape ripening.” And is signified by the change in color of grape berries. It’s one of my favorite times of year, as the vineyards begin to explode with fruit color.

Véraison: Winemaking in full color

It’s a magical time in the vineyards and harbinger of harvest. Our winemaker, Elizabeth Grant-Douglas shares what makes the onset of véraison special to her. Read more

9 can't miss ways to hit the beach in syle

9 can’t-miss ways to hit the beach in style

As July quickly passes, it becomes even more apparent how fast the summer is flying by. It’s time to make the most of the sun and head for the sand. I have picked out my favorite beach day essentials, from head-to-toe. Read more


Six Summer Furnishings

Rejoice, readers! Summer is officially here. From lazy afternoons in the backyard, to impromptu evening gatherings with friends and family, it’s time to toast the season in comfort and style. Today I’m delighted to share a few of my favorite furnishings and design picks that celebrate everything summer: sunshine, warm breezes, and clear, star-filled nights. Read more