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Wine and Wrap

“Wine-Down” from Black Friday Shopping With These Fun Wrapping Ideas!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you’ve braved the Black Friday crowds to score some fantastic gifts for your loved ones. It’s time to take a breather from all the hustle and bustle, but there’s still much to do! I’m visiting again from Camp Makery with the solution! Gather your girlfriends for a wine-and-wrap party like I did with my bestie Hayley! Here are three unique and festive wrapping ideas using a few simple supplies. Read more

DIY Wine Bottle Lantern

Wine Bottle Lantern DIY

If you’re a recycling enthusiast, enjoy a good DIY project, or need help fighting off mosquitoes—this project’s perfect for you! La Crema bottles are too beautiful to waste, so I’m going to help you turn them into beautiful lanterns in 4 easy steps. Read more

La Crema's Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift ideas from La Crema

This holiday season, send good cheer and exquisite wine to friends and loved-ones. Our selection of gift ideas are perfect for the wine-lover in your life and start at just $47.95. Read more

Score big with these tips for tailgating.

4 Tips for Throwing a Great Tailgate

This weekend, my husband and I are off to Hampden-Sydney college, where tailgating is taken seriously. People dress up in bow ties and pearls, tablecloths are laid out, oysters are shucked, and everything is decked out in garnet and grey. Read more

10 Holiday Hostess Gifts for Wine Lovers

10 Holiday Hostess Gifts for Wine Lovers

In my opinion being a great guest is just as impressive as being the perfect hostess. When I show up to a holiday gathering or dinner party I never come empty handed. These 10 gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation to your wine-loving hostess with the mostest, and none of them will break the bank. Read more


Turkey Tips: Time to Get Cookin’

In our last article we talked about the different types of turkeys that are available to help you make the best choice on Thanksgiving. This is where the rubber hits the road: preparing and cooking your turkey for the big day. Read more


Turkey Tips: Choosing the Right Bird

The centerpiece of any Thanksgiving celebration is of course, the turkey. But for those of us who have chosen to cook the darn thing, it can be a source of hand-wringing holiday stress. Ultimately, the most important variable is in the cooking, but choosing the right type of bird can pay dividends on the big day. Read more

Free printable leftover labels- these are an adorable way to dress up leftovers for guests!

Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

Leftovers are one of the unavoidable parts of Thanksgiving and holiday dinner parties. After Turkey Day, most people are stuck with mountains of leftovers after the big meal that they’re eating for days on end. This year I’m pairing my delicious dinner with some adorable leftover labels—so I can present lovely little packages for my guests to enjoy some Thanksgiving leftovers. Read more