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I love this stunning brunch party!

Farm-to-Table Wine Tasting Brunch Party

Simple, elegant entertaining is an acquired skill, but something that I really strive to do more often. There is nothing more beautiful than fresh, farm-to-table fruits and vegetables, and simple dishes that center around local, sustainable ingredients. Read more


Eggs Benedict for a Crowd

Anytime I’m out for brunch, I always order Eggs Benedict. It’s brunch-y, delicious, and there’s just something so luxurious about Hollandaise that I can never resist. For so long, Eggs Benedict was a dish that I reserved for special occasions or dining out, but about a year ago I gathered the nerve to make it on my own, at home. It ended up being surprisingly easy and now it’s my go-to whenever I have guests over for breakfast or brunch. Read more

Grilled Chicken with Gremolata

Summer Entertaining Recipes: Grilled Chicken with Gremolata

We are winding down our Summer Entertaining Simplified series of posts with a fantastic recipe for the star of summertime cuisine — the grill! This recipe for a whole grilled chicken is not the quickest in the world, but it couldn’t be easier and the results are worth it. How worth it, you ask? Let’s just say my photographer was tempted to grab a bite of chicken while shooting. She’s a vegetarian. Read more


Summer Entertaining Recipes: Panzanella Salad

Panzanella is a Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes that’s popular in the summer. Traditionally, it includes chunks of soaked stale bread and vine-ripened tomatoes dressed with a simple vinaigrette. This version ups the ante with two rockstar additions: mozzarella cheese and bacon. Read more

Summer Entertaining Centerpiece

Summer Entertaining Simplified: The Centerpiece

I’m back with more trade secrets for successful summer entertaining. This post is all about the focal point of your table: the centerpiece! By now you know I’m all about multi-functional solutions, and this centerpiece is no exception. Not only is it a beautiful alternative to the usual floral arrangement or taper candles, but it smells fantastic and acts as a natural insect repellant! Let’s get started, shall we? Read more

Charcuterie 101

Charcuterie 101: The Perfect Board

I think the best part of dinner parties may be the pre-dinner part. Standing around the kitchen island, chatting with friends while you finish up the cooking, sipping wine, and nibbling on whatever easy, tasty appetizers you’ve thrown together. Sometimes, the appetizers steal the show from the rest of the meal, but I don’t think anyone minds. Read more